Would you like to become a volunteer? 

Become a volunteer.
Become a volunteer. Foto: André Marton Pedersen

We would love to welcome you as a volunteer in the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). Volunteer contributions make up the backbone of DNT.

We need volunteers in many areas

Whether it's marking up routes, building cairns, guiding treks, or assisting during our major arrangements such as Come on out-day or the 7-Mountains hike in Bergen, your contribution is highly valuable. As a volunteer in the Trekking Association, you meet many friendly and enthusiastic fellow volunteers, and receive a number of benefits, including a 20 % discount in the Trekking Association shop on Marken, and two free night's accommodation per year in our cabins. In addition, you help promote simple and environmentally-friendly outdoor activities.

As a volunteer, you will help others to get the most from nature. Through the enormous effort from our volunteers, we can maintain the large range of services and activity levels.

If you have any questions about volunteering in the Trekking Association, contact Trude, Organisation Leader at Bergen and Hordaland Trekking Association, on telephone 55 33 58 26 or e-mail: trude.iversen (at) dnt.no


Volunteer`s benefits

  • 20 % discount on equipment and clothing in the Trekking Association shop on Marken (excludes GPS-produgs and already discounted equipment)
  • Two free night's accommodation per year in our cabins
  • Reimbursement of expenses you may incur as a volunteer
  • Extensive discounts on DNT-branded clothing from Bergans, Decold og Viking