Gullhorgabu tourist cabin in Bergsdalen.
Gullhorgabu tourist cabin in Bergsdalen. Foto: Espen Haagensen

As a DNT member, you receive a discount at 500 cabins, 25 of which are in the fantastic mountains covered by the Bergen and Hordaland Trekking Association's area in Western Norway. 

Bergen and Hordaland Trekking Association has self-service and no-service cabins that range from small, simple cabins way up in the mountains to spacious, child-friendly cabins that are relatively easy to get to. We also have cabins for rent by groups and school classes.

The self-service cabins have fully-equipped kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, provisions, gas and logs. The no-service cabins have the same standard and facilities as the self-service cabins, with one important exception: there are no provisions!

The following cabins are staffed during summer 2017: Breidablikk, Hadlaskard, Hallingskeid, Selhamar, Skålabu and Stavali. 

The T-marked trail network offers an infinite number of trekking options. Below are all the areas where we have cabins. 

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Breidablik. Foto: Renate Sæle

Bergen and Hordaland Trekking Association has six cabins in the beautiful and varied mountain area between Vaksdal and Bulken, Kvamskogen and Hardanger Fjord. We have self-service and no-service cabins, as well as the rental cabin, Alexander Grieg. 

The cosy Høgabu cabin is just three hours from the road and lies in varied mountainous terrain.  

Kiellandbu cabin is situated in spectacular nature with dramatic views over Fyksesundet. 

Gullhorgabu is the Trekking Association's newest cabin, lying halfway between Høgabu and Vending.  

Alexander Grieg is a spacious rental cabin a short distance from the road, close to Hamlagrøosen.

Vending is approximately three hours walk from Hamlagrøosen, in relative flat and child-friendly terrain.  

Torfinnsheim is owned by the Voss Utferdslag, and is linked to our route network in the Bergsdalen valley.

The fairy tale-like Breidablik sits at 1160 metres above sea level and is a unique cabin with a unique history. 



Hadlaskard. Foto: Espen Haagensen

The Bergen and Hordaland Trekking Association has four cabins in the western part of the Hardangervidda plateau. The plateau offers almost limitless walking opportunities, whether you want a weekend walk or something longer.

Stavali is partly serviced in the summer months and offers a wonderful hot-tub to weary walkers.

The delightful Mosdalsbu cabin is situated in green mountain terrain, with fish in the nearby lake.   

Hadlaskard is centrally located on the western part of the plateau, with the Hårteigen cabin a few hours walk away. 

Kvanntjørnsbu is our least visited cabin. If you want the mountains to yourself, this could be the place to visit. 


Vatnane Foto: Svein Ulvund
Vatnane Foto: Svein Ulvund

Stølsheimen is the mountainous area between Sognefjorden in the north and Vossefjellene in the south, Masfjordfjellene in the west and Vikafjellet in the east. The area offers green and lush landscapes as well as spartan mountain terrain, and almost unlimited walking opportunities for adults and children. We have a total of nine cabins in this area. 

Selhamar is the biggest cabin in Stølsheimen. Easy access makes it well suited to children. 

Norddalshytten is situated in the rugged mountain terrain in the western part of Stølsheimen. 

Kalvedalshytta is situated in the mountains between Romarheimsdalen and Masfjorden. 

The pleasant Åsedalen cabin sits at the heart of Stølsheimen with walking routes in all directions. 

Brydalseter is a cabin with charm and character. It is easily accessible from Ortnevik in Sogn. 

The privately owned Fjellvassbu is situated between Stordalen and Vardadalsbu and is a no-service cabin. 

Solrenningen is approximately three hours walk from Stølsdammen in a friendly landscape.  

There are many paths that lead to Vardadalsbu, which sits in an open mountain landscape. 

Vatnane is situated in one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas in western Norway. 

The charming Skavlabu cabin is on a plateau that has amazing views over the Modal mountains. 


Fonnabu Foto: Espen Haagensen
Fonnabu Foto: Espen Haagensen

The Bergen and Hordaland Trekking Association has three cabins in this spectacular area, which can be reached by following the T-marked routes from Odda or Sunndal. During the summer, the Folgefonna glacier guides offer guided walks over the glacier - an outdoor experience for life! 

Breidablikk was built as a place to rest in 1893, and is now a no-service DNT cabin.

Fonnabu is a self-service cabin on the edge of the glacier. You can take guided glacier walks from here in the summer.

Holmaskjer can be reached from either Odda or by a guided glacier crossing from Fonnabu. 


As soon as you step off the train, you can hike in wild and beautiful nature at Hallingskeid, next to Rallarvegen.


The unusual Skålatårnet tower and Skålabu stand at 1843 metres above sea level and was named Norway's most original cabin in 2014. 


There are many walking opportunities for adults and children around the pleasant Træet farm.  


We manage rental of the Turnerhytten cabin on Mt Ulriken. Contact us at post@bergen-turlag.no.